Coffee Cozy

Originally posted April 17, 2006

Here is our first designer coffee cozy. Ann, designer of Sarah James Patterns, has kindly given us the pattern for her basic coffee cup cover. Thank you so much! To see more cozies, beyond the basic, curser down to the bottom of this page on Sarah James’ site. The pattern may be ordered from your favourite yarn retailer. It’s gorgeous!

Knit up this cozy to add a fabulous “designer look” to those everyday coffee containers

You will need: One empty 12 ounce coffee container.

Yarn: One 50 gram ball of sock yarn for basic cozy.

Needles: One set of U.S. size 4 double pointed. One stitch marker and daring needle.

On DP needles cast on 16 sts and work as foll:
* K2, P2*, rep * to * across row. Repeat the last row till work is 4” in height. Swatch should = 4” in width.
Change needles to obtain gauge if needed.
Instructions are given for 12 ounce cozy.

Basic Cozy:
Use a double strand of sock yarn throughout. Cozy is worked in the round just like a sock.
Cast on 44 Sts and divided evenly onto double point needles. Place a marker to designate start of round.
Round 1: * K2, P2 *, repeat * to * around.
Repeat round one throughout.
When cozy measures 3½” from cast on, bind of loosely in rib pattern.
Turn cozy inside out and weave in all ends.
Turn cozy right side out.

Put your cozy on the empty container, you now have a coffee container cozy.
When you get your coffee (same size as your container) place it inside your empty container.

Thank you so much again for this great pattern. Be sure to tell everyone about Sarah James’ patterns – they sparkle!

Enjoy Carol

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