I’m Back, Briefly

Originally posted May 12, 2006

Sorry, I’ve been a little behind in my posts. Just some big orders to fill, learning the ins and outs of new machinery, putting the finishing touches on the new website and getting ready for TNNA. Did I mention that the house is filthy and the kids have been eating bread and jam for more than a few days; but I do have several new patterns and the garden planted – well almost. I really did mean to take that course on time management and setting priorities – maybe next year – right now I have too much to do to even think of taking time out to get organized!

However in the midst of all this chaos, Ilga Leja visited me. Ilga was up from Halifax to visit her daughter and then to head on out to a conference in Calgary. She brought all her beautiful samples, which you may see on her new website. She talked about her Fall collection and lots of new knitting ideas. She also showed me a neat I-cord necklace which is FREE, or at least the pattern is, on her site.


On another note, my son, the artist, had an opportunity to help with catering an event at the museum for textiles and lo & behold he got a free guided tour of “A Terrible Beauty” the amazing exhibit that I mentioned in the last post. He was in awe!!! It really is hard to imagine all those bugs mounted on all those walls creating all those beautiful textile designs.

Also Sasha Kagan mentioned that she would love to contribute a coffee cozy to our collection, but she too is swamped with work at the moment so she gave me the OK to translate one of her designs into a cozy. It took me a while to locate the book that Sasha had mention – Country Inspirations; but Marsha White of the Needle Arts Book Shop happened to have a copy as she does occasionally get books that are out of print. Maybe after TNNA, I’ll get that together.

Here is a picture of the cover of the book, in case you have a copy, and the pattern is on page 55. Sasha does have kits on her web site for a lot of patterns in her many books so take a look.


Sorry again for the delays in posting. I’ll be back at it once the orders are filled.

Have a great weekend.


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