Originally posted June 16, 2006

Well it’s the end of a week that began June 9 and it is now June 16 – where has the time gone!!!!

1- I know that I spent two days of it travelling to and from Indianapolis and either putting up or taking down our show booth at TNNA.

2- Another hour or two was spent moving quickly from the 100 aisle to the 8000 aisle to arrange with show management, things like lighting, which I had decided not to order, but now really needed- none available – but through a little magic, I managed to secure an ancient flood light – I thank the powers that be for small mercies.

3 – Twenty one hours were spent in the booth chatting to shop owners, meeting people that I have been doing business with for years; but had never met – including Ann Norling, whose patterns I have been distributing since 1994. It was wonderful just making contact, putting faces to names and names to faces; hearing the OOOHs & AAAAWs of delight when people saw Dorothy Siemens’ (Fiddlesticks Knitting) patterns, samples and the designer herself. And there were the orders for Dorothy’s patterns and the patterns of other Canadian designers that I took down with me.

4 – Then there were the two dinners out with other Canadians who were exhibiting at the show – Lucy Neatby who was there launching her new DVDs which I will be distributing in Canada. Lynda and Deb Gemmel of Cabin Fever were there – it’s always a delight to spend time in their company. Patricia Landry of Patricia’s Yarn Cabin(Sidney, BC) and her business partner Linda, who exhibit under the name Swallow Hill, the most delightful patterns and kits for crocheted or knitted and beaded shawls, bags, necklaces and more. Lana of Lanaknits, also from BC who has a lovely selection of hemp yarns and Caroline McInnis of Sweaterkits, who invariably adds a touch of elegance to any gathering.

5 – Dorothy and I had 1 dinner out at the hotel on our own and decided that they priced the entrees by the pound with a 48oz steak going for about $48.00 and the veg. was extra!!! Do people actually eat that much? It was a window onto a world that I am surprised still exists, what with all the health concerns, social concerns, and just plain conservation and personal discipline expected of people to-day.

6 – Precious little time could be given to viewing the other booths which were staggering in number, overwhelming in product presentation and just amazing in scope – this is a very niche market and yet there were literally millions of skeins of yarn in every imaginable colour, thousands of patterns with their real-life knitted samples, hundreds of needles, gadgets, bags and accessories for shop owners to choose from and bring back to offer for sale to knitters in their area of the world.

7 – In deed companies and designers came from all over the world. I saw Hanne Falkenberg wearing Mermaid and Vivian Hoxbro wearing something different everytime I saw her. There were companies from Australia, New Zealand, Turkey…..the list goes on

In the blur of colour and texture a few things did stand out. There were 2 or 3 simple sweaters in natural (cream) yarn with a little cabling for interest in the Rowan booth that literally “jumped” out at you because there was no colour, no blending of dyes, no frazzle of texture in the yarn – just plain cream DK – how refreshing.

Also in a needlework booth there was a small evening bag in the shape of a tulip. It was perfectly executed with a little fabric in needlepoint to fill in the top of the purse and create a place for the drawstring. I wanted it and the one beside it which was a pansy.

Have a great weekend!


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