A Diamond For St. Andrew

Originally posted November 30, 2006

Many apologies for the delay in posting. I have been dealing with FAMILY and I am sure that everyone can relate in their own way to the tremendous responsibility that family, be it biological or otherwise, involves. We, who do not choose to be islands, know that in order to have our infra-structure when we want it , we must nurture it – maybe when we don’t actually quite have the time to do so.

Anyway, my father’s house has been sold and he, my sister and nephew have moved to a newer house in town. Yesterday we were in the final throes of downsizing from 40 years and 14 acres to a suburban home – read 7 dumpsters – close to 100 hours of “free” sibling time and many heartaches, squabbles, sadness and joy – yes really the “stuff of life”!!

In the worst of “it”, when the purchase of the property was going through its ups and downs and I had suffered through too many sleepless nights – remember the ill-fated steek – I began another sweater, as I had mentioned.

Well ” sleep that knits up the ravelled sleeve of care” arrived with my ravelling, err knitting. I chose a simple diamond textured pattern and “went at it”! I knit myself into a complete escape and quite exhausted myself with the frenzy that I slept. I know you have all been there. In fact there must be other versions of that classic line. Maybe:

“Ravelling the sleeve of care gives us sleep.” or “Ravel a sleeve and sleep…” Any other ideas?

Anyway, I know that it is late, but it is St Andrew’s day and Macbeth was set in Scotland and the diamond pattern is reminiscent of the cross of St. Andrew – though mine is not white on a blue back ground – but I have suffered!!

So “happy St. Andrews Day” to all who keep the faith or at least pay tithes on the appointed days and knit to ease the suffering.

My knitting might not be divine; but, saints are said to be and believe me, sleep is!!

Dream on…

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