Back From The Beach and Other Realities

Originally posted September 17, 2006

It must have seemed like a long swim – about 3 weeks or so. Actually it was a short holiday that was over too soon. By the time I arrived, decompressed, took up the leisurely pace of “holiday mode” – the vacation was over.

It drove me crazy that my husband rushed us around doing this and doing that in an “I’m going to enjoy this holiday” frenzy, when all I really wanted to do was sit and knit or crochet and write – but no… we had to bike 3.5ks for breakfast almost every morning – and then bike back or else, how would we have lunch after a swim in the pool, while the kids fished off the dock and we waited for dolphin to come into our little saltwater creek. In the afternoon we had to do a some shopping to buy fresh tuna or shrimp or clams (farmed – it was a month without an “r”) for dinner. Later, depending on the tides it was down to the beach for a little light surfing or out in the kayaks – to explore the salt water marshes. Finally, after dinner it was a quick walk up to the bar-café to hear the singer – I still can’t get “Goin’ to Carolina in my mind” out of my head. On the walk back, it was “name that constellation” – I forget how well you can see stars out of the city – and lastly to bed – because 7-8am comes early and we repeat the same list of activities. Actually I left out Tennis- that was for my husband and the kids – I don’t play tennis – that was my time to crochet.

Who said holidays are restful? I might have actually completed my Savannah Shawl had I not had to do all these holiday things, but now that it’s all over – I’m glad I did. I’ll finish Savannah – maybe after Christmas, when we start dreaming of better weather. I am still not happy with the results. Maybe it has to “sit” for a while.

Actually don’t mention my complaints about an over-active holiday to Lucy Neatby. And the next time you take a class from her, ask her what she did for a holiday in the summer of 2006. I am in awe!

The reality is that work is busier than ever. The garden is full of weeds. The temperature now struggles to reach 20°C. I have just spent most of my “free” time booking after school activities – break-dancing and remedial math – do you think there may be a connection? – for the youngest and an Art program for the oldest which is actually my 91 year-old father. My answer to the sandwich generation, this year, is to get involved. I’m taking my father, who is much better – walking now without a cane – even danced with the physiotherapist – to a painting class one day a week.

On my free time, I plan to sleep! Enjoy


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