To Steek Or Not To Steek

Originally posted November 5, 2006

I have just wasted another Sunday morning on It’s a great site if you like lots of semi- intellectual, semi-literary banter. It also has some of the most amazing T-Shirts that I have ever read! Slogans like:

The Pavlov T-shirt with the line – “that name rings a bell.” Or from Sigmund Freud – “There egos again” or the Gregor Mendel one that reads: “Giving peas a chance since 1856”

Of course I couldn’t resist. I know that there are a number of great knitting T-shirts out there, such as, “I knit, therefore I am”…..please add others.

So I started a list – please add and\or edit at will!!!!

To steek or not to steek that is the question?
Out, out damned knot!
As easy as ssk, sl 1, k 2 tog, psso, k 2 tog.
Come back Skein; come back!
Go confidently in the direction of your seams.
The future starts with a single stitch.
Blessed are the piece makers for they shall inherit the ……afghan?
Never confuse knitting with a finished garment.
To err is human, to knit divine.
I wear my art upon my sleeve.
Listen to your art. …do I have to add click, click or would a picture do?

I am trying to cheer myself up after hastily trying to machine stitch and cut two steeks in a 20 min. window before dinner after an exhausting day and you’ve got it. I positioned one of them about a shoulder width off the mark. Louise King of L. K. Yarns in Halifax suggested that I cut the sweater; felt it and turn it into a bag – What a great idea!!!

More knitting slogans please – I’m still depressed!!!


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