We Are So Misunderstood

Originally posted November 12, 2006

I was doing a crossword puzzle the other night – I know I should have been knitting – just taking a break from a sweater I had started in a nice wool and alpaca mix from Grand River Yarn. I have recovered from my steeking mishap. Well, the clue was “Crochet again” and I could see by the letters there, that the answer was “reknit.”

There they go again. No real understanding of the needlework medium – sigh!
I always like the clues around “making lace” – “tatting”. They suggest that the creators have at least made an effort!

I was hoping to get the answer to the clue “Pamphlets about tangling fibers?” – It’s “ravel – something. Anyone do the double crossword in the Saturday Star – Nov 11?

I guess that it’s time to see that movie Wordplay. Rochelle at Grand River Yarns – yes the same one as mentioned above – recommended it to me. Maybe it’s also time to make a list of yarn suppliers and their other areas of interest so you can not only buy yarn but also get a quick recommendation for a great movie to see, book to read, wine to buy, CD to purchase, vacation spot, car..etc.

All suggestions welcome.

The picture is “Funky Zebra” from Red Bird Knits – fun sock patterns to puzzle out! See more on our what’s new page – http://www.infiknit.com/canada/index.php?cPath=78&osCsid=56c818cad750862b35839e3e8e890c0f

I got the answer to “frozen spike” – icicle – they’re coming!

Enjoy Carol

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